Continue to Perform Seeking Shelter from the Storm

Brooks LSD Lite Jacket

brooks-lsd-lite-jacket-gear-patrolBy Guest Writer Michael O’Brien

As runners, we’re always looking to maximize our performance and comfort levels when hitting the pavement, whether it be regulating our temperature, finding non-bothersome performance shorts (guys you know what I mean), or the proper hydration techniques.  The Brooks LSD Lite ($75) jacket eliminates any confusion when it comes to layering and battling the elements.  We’ve all had the argument in our head – do I need another layer? Should I bring a jacket, not bring a jacket? In this case, bring it. Not only is the jacket packable down to about the size of a softball, but also it weighs just 4.3 ounces.

The coat is perfect for the runner looking to fight the wind and rain and really take advantage of a form fitting, sleek, performance look.  For a $75 price point and seemingly nothing more than a bit of Shelter Lite (22-denier microfiber polyester) patented Brooks fabric, it’s the little things, and little amount of material, that set this jacket apart from the rest.  Brooks has really captured the fit, the coat is not too baggy or too snug, and fits the shoulders and arms extremely well allowing for a fluid running motion.  The small zipper guard stays in place even on longer runs and keeps the rain out.  It’s also extremely portable and offers Brooks’ trademark reflectivity for safety on those late summer nights. (3M Scotchlite all around)

Brooks has dedicated itself to running.  Now its time to dedicate yourself to preparation and performance, regardless of conditions.  The LSD Lite shelters you from the storm with no bulk, no hassle and no match within its category.

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