And You Thought Wisconsin Only Made Cheese

Death’s Door Gin

deaths-door-gin-gear-patroTypically when the word island comes up in the same sentence as Gin, most people immediately prepare for some stogy tale of a famous English Dry Gin house, and its long standing cultural significance to our juniper guzzling, eating-baked-beans-with-their-eggs cohorts from across the pond. The story of Death’s Door Gin however is actually nothing of the sort, which is frankly why it caught out attention. Branded with an unforgettable name which is derived from the treacherous “Death’s Door Passage” between Green Bay and Lake Michigan that has claimed many locals lives, it’s tempting to think upon introduction that this spirit is the stuff only seasoned sailors dare touch after long stints at sea.

The truth is that this artisanal gin is crafted in small batches from wheat and hand harvested juniper berries taken from the open fields of Washington Island, Wisconsin, making Death’s Door about as American as this 16th century liquor could ever be. Even more surprisingly, it’s also been praised for its light but bright juniper flavoring which is strongly supported by buttery middle notes of coriander and the clean crisp finish of fennel. In other words it represents an excellent starting point for those looking to dabble in gin drinking for the first time, or experienced gin drinkers in search of a subtler flavor palette compared to more traditional options. All we have to say is that we’re itching hear someone order a “Death’s Door and Tonic” at the bar.

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