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Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray & DVD

sherlock_holmes_blu-rayLast December, Robert Downey Jr. proved to the world that he didn’t need the help of special robotic armor to hold his own in a big budget blockbuster. Then again, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Jr. fit right in as Holmes, who was characterized by Arthur Conan Doyle as a brilliant, substance abusing man, known for his wit and ability to fool others through disguises and acting. Directed by Guy Ritchie of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fame, Sherlock Holmes flows with a similar mixture of humor and grit that makes the movie a far cry from the portrayals of the sleuth’s world by PBS back in the day. All in all if you missed it in theaters, we definitely recommend watching it from the comfort of your couch. Plus snagging this copy is a great way to own it on pretty much every platform including Blu-ray, DVD, and a digital copy for iTunes. Just share your extra copies with friends as you see fit.

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