Think of It Like a Personal Assistant for Couch Potatos

IKEA FLÖRT Remote Control Pocket

ikea_flort_remote_control_p1We had a slight internal debate about whether this latest Swedish organization product was tacky or useful. After discovering it cost a mere $5 though, we figured it’s cheap enough that you wouldn’t feel guilty throwing it away should it perturb your sense of class once situated in your living room.

Sporting space for 4 (up to) remotes, the FLÖRT is designed to rest over any couch arm, eliminating those cushion digging moments of pure frustration. It also has a pocket for newspapers and magazines and features an integrated weight so it always hangs straight. We’re willing to bet the ability to clear the electronic wands of power off of the coffee table may just make your other half’s dreams come true, if they can stomach the look.

Buy Now: $5