The Gentleman's Pocket Knife

Benchmade 3150 Impel


Benchmade‘s new 3150 Impel knife only furthers our affinity for the company’s fine blades. Built to be a gentleman’s pocket knife, the Impel is clean and simple. It only comes with a clip point plain edge blade, available in steel or black-coated, and has an aluminum handle featuring G10 scales for grip. Its handle is a hair over 3 inches long (3.06″) and holds the 1.98″ blade.

That 1.98″ is key, as it allows it to be a legal everyday knife in places like California or Boston that impose a 2″ blade length law. Plus, you’ll be less likely to earn the Crocodile Dundee nickname at the office. The best part of the Impel is that, even in its small package, it utilizes Benchmade’s push button automatic feature with a safety so it doesn’t deploy at inopportune times. An excellent option for the discerning gentleman.

Buy Now: $136