Get Waterproof

Canada Goose Storm Chaser & Lodge Down Jacket


If you hadn’t heard, New England was under water last weekend. We saw torrential rain for over three days, which was awful for people’s finished basements and commuting but it was the perfect proving ground for the Canada Goose Storm Chaser jacket we’d gotten to demo.

The Storm Chaser is a hip length shell with a drop tail. All of its seems are sealed and the front zipper is a highly water-resistant RiRi Aqua-Zip. The attention to detail on the Storm Chaser really impressed us, the front chest pocket is rigged for an MP3 and functions very well, the velcro closures were different from others we’d seen, more low profile, and we liked it. There’s a phone pocket within the right hand pocket, the closures on the hood and bottom of the jacket had excellent articulation, etc, etc. Surprisingly the attention to detail didn’t even make our top two favorites of the Storm Chaser. Number two was the clean look of the jacket. It’s very technical while still looking classic, a tough line to toe. The number one feature of the Storm Chaser is the Schoeller material it is constructed from. Technically speaking its 250gsm, 12193-Nylon/Poly/Elastane with 2-way stretch and NanoSphere® non-stick DWR and a Schoeller c_change breathable membrane. Functionally it sheds water, dirt, wine, dog slobber like its Teflon and never once made us feel too hot or damp inside the jacket all while being incredibly flexible and giving you 3 to 4 season wearability. Not too shabby.


In addition to the Storm Chaser we also got the chance to demo the Lodge Down Jacket, which snaps into the Storm Chaser for added insulation. It performed great in that role and as a light jacket on its own. The Lodge Down Jacket is made of dual layer triple-rip-stop to be absolutely windproof and is filled with 750 Hutterite goose down. It also packs down into its internal chest pocket, which proved super convenient while traveling. With the seasons changing it won’t be as needed soon, but its a must for Fall and Winter.

In our opinion you’ll be hard pressed to find a better executed shell and/or down jacket combo. Canada Goose portrays itself as top of the line, and they backed it up in our book. Top of the line quality does beget top of the line prices though, the only downside to the pair.

Author’s Note: We had one beef with the Storm Chaser and it was the zipper on the hood. It has no clip or snap to secure it on, and we found each time we put our messenger bag on the hood would start unzipping.

Buy Now: Storm Chaser Jacket ($297-$470)
| Lodge Down Jacket ($300)