Definitive Design Reference

Phaidon Design’s Pioneers, Mass Production, & New Technologies


The attention put into product design is something most consumers ignore. Sure it’s easy to pick up on the design work put into things like the iPad, Hennessey Venom GT, or the beer belly, but the reality is that just about every product out there today was (hopefully) made with some degree of tedium to be the way it is for some reason or another. As Gear Patrol readers though, we figure that you pay more attention to this than any others, and subsequently felt you’d appreciate this series of books.

Celebrating the works of designers over the entirety of the 20th century, and some in the 19th and 21th, this amazing collection from Phaidon can provide you with all the perspective you could possibly want on the field of product design. Featuring a book on Pioneers, Mass Production, and New Technologies, each attractive manual contains a fascinating look into the best products ever created along with detailed explanations related to their impact on the world. In other words think of it like a book bound version of Gear Patrol, before GP was actually around. In addition to being great reference works for anyone in the field or those just looking to brush up on their knowledge, these are some of the most gorgeous books we’ve laid our eyes on, making them perfect for the coffee table or display.

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