Dueling iPad Reviews (Coming Shortly) & Happy Birthday


The iPad has landed and it’s definitely blanketing the news, partially because the same news organizations are hoping this will be their savior. That, and of course iPad’s feat of claiming the most-overhyped gadget in recent history. Either way, the GP Crew is pretty much divided when it comes to the iPad’s relevancy as is our audience according to our recent poll. Some are falling out of their chairs for it with fresh recession-recovery unlocked credit cards, some are waiting for better apps or the 2nd generation, and others outright loathe it with petitions to embargo all iPad posts. Either way, Gear Patrol has our hands on a few iPads from this morning’s launch for testing and we’ll be back with you on our dueling reviews, aptly entitled: 10 reasons why you’ll love or hate the iPad.

Of course, we could just post some useless 50 word drivelish post about the iPad, but we think you’ll agree that a full day of testing and a dueling list will make it all the more worth while.

p.s. Gear Patrol is 3 years old as of 48 hours ago. Someone get this kid a Happy Meal…