Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll Hate The iPad


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Are you the type who takes pride in avoiding Apple hype just because it’s trendy? Do you scrupulously look into potential electronics purchases from every angle before dropping your hard-earned money on them? If either of these statements have you pegged, then this is the article packed with the disclaimers you’ll want to chew over before taking the plunge. In this case, the iPad plunge. That’s because, after putting the obsessively-hyped, ever-prophesied tablet through its quick and dirty paces, we’ve discovered some immediate issues that could certainly derail any thoughts of the iPad being an infallible epiphany from the mind of Steve Jobs.

Now hit the link below to keep reading and ready yourself for the rundown on the bad side of the iPad. Otherwise, you might want to wait until tomorrow’s opposing article.

Fingerprint & Smudge Coated Screen

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #10

If there ever were a burglar or thief looking to take your near-unadulterated fingerprint, they would need look only so far as a day or two old iPad. The iPad’s screen is literally coated with finger prints within minutes of cleaning. Unlike MacBooks, Apple does not include a screen cloth which seems counterintuitive to us, since you’re less likely to smash your index finger into your laptop’s screen a dozen times per second. Apple touts that the iPad uses the fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating of the iPhone 3GS. The general public, and Gear Patrol, begs to differ.

Upscaled Versions of iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #9

Except for the somewhat sparse number of apps optimized for both iPhone and iPad you will be relegated to using scaled versions of iPhone/iPod Touch apps until more optimized versions are created. Honestly, Apple could have probably forgone the route of backwards compatibility so this isn’t a true complaint until more apps hit the marketplace, but we get the feeling that apps will cost more to develop for both platforms ultimately resulting in a more expensive app price. Consider this an RTHTBD (reason to hate to be determined).

It’s Not Light

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #8

The iPad weighs 1.5 lbs. (the Wi-Fi + 3G will weigh 1.6 lbs). That’s a little more than half of the MacBook Air, and though we’re not entirely smitten with the MacBook Air, it is a full-fledged computer (minus optical drive). In our tests we came to the conclusion that if the iPad sells well, there should be a study to see the improved strength of users thumbs over the course of a year. After holding the iPad with one hand for thirty minutes our thumbs became fatigued. It is very easy to hold, but not for extended periods of time. There’s a reason that Apple shows users using the iPad on their lap. This is a semi-lap/semi-suspended device and if you’re looking for it to be as light as the latest copy of Esquire than you’re going to be disappointed.

No Camera

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #7

It seems that nearly every mobile device being released these days includes some sort of camera, or two, or three. The iPad includes zero. Apple will make arguments (or not) that the iPad is at a poor angle for video conferencing, and admittedly, they would be right (double chins anyone?), but a camera would come in handy for many camera-enabled apps. You won’t go filming the next great Scorcese movie with the iPad, but we consider a camera to be a basic necessity in products. After all, Apple includes them in all their laptops so why not the iPad. Perhaps to avoid cannibalization, perhaps to cause frustration, perhaps to roll-out in another iPad. Who knows? Either way, it’s cause for frustration.

No USB Port

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #6

There must be a spreadsheet of features hidden in the bowels of Apple’s campus that shows what features did and did not make it to the iPad launch. USB, the port that Apple made oh so famous with the original iMac is painfully absent on the iPad and though it would be a succubus of power, it would be a truly welcome addition to differentiate the iPad from being an overblown iPod Touch. Connectivity to an external hard drive, camera, or peripheral (e.g. printer, thumb drive, 56K modem). The surprisingly long-lasting battery is rated and tested for 12 hours. Why not share the power-love? Oh, we know… this is Apple and you must use the dock-connection.

The Operating System

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #5

OS 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch is great. It works perfectly for those devices, but on a machination allegedly as powerful as the iPad it really highlights the flaws in being more than a mobile operating system. Need a reason? One word: multitasking. The inability to have Safari running while also playing a game of solitaire is inexcusable. If Apple spent a billion dollars developing the mobile-focused, power-friendly, A4 processor then why hamper it down with a dismal one-tiered operating system? Let it breathe Apple. The OS is also painfully single-focused. The speed at which you could use the iPad would be greatly enhanced with more flexibility.

We recognize this point may not hold as much validity with the pending OS 4.0 release, but it’s valid at the time of writing and that’s what we’re going on.

iPad App Prices

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #4

Lets just start this with a standout culprit. Time Magazine, a publication we enjoy reading, has the audacity to charge $4.99 for their inaugural iPad optimized issue, as an app. Are you kidding? This is more than the newsstand price which arguably has a better design and also serves as a weapon if your first and last names are Jason and Bourne. Moving on, the MLB At Bat app is a lofty $14.99, granted this is one of the few apps we’d be willing to pay $15 for, but Apple is playing dangerously close to the line that separates micro-transactions from outright purchases. We wouldn’t condone paying more than $10 for an iPad app (unless it had the ability to Bluetooth gold bullion into our pockets). Publishers are taking advantage of the initial hype and wave to keep elevated prices on apps. Bigger screen doesn’t necessarily = bigger prices. Price gouging is an annoyance. The iPad comes at a lower-than-expected price. The iPad apps sadly, do not. Economics fail.

No Flash Support

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #3

Until more video and websites with heavy-animation utilize HTML5, the iPad will fail at rendering them properly (specifically accessing aforementioned content) on the sole premise that the iPad does not support Flash. We use Apple computers, and a few PC’s, here at Gear Patrol. We encounter Flash content every few minutes. Now, we know that Flash is about as bad with resources as a Hummer is with gas, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. Apple is on a high horse with cash to spare and has a reputation for saying hasta luego to time-honored computer elements (e.g. floppy drive, serial port). They can afford to make the mistake of making bold sweeping strokes that Flash has become irrelevant with the onset of HTML5. We know there are some people quietly cheering for this (some of us at GP aren’t big fans of Flash ourselves), but we guess the public is scratching their head and asking WTF, where are my videos?

Something Called… AT&T

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #2

Until Apple releases its vice grip on sticking to the AT&T network, the iPad will only ever be able to really take advantage of its web-data-enabled apps through wireless hotspots or the much-maligned AT&T network. AT&T has made major strides to become a much better network, but its public perception is woeful. Ask 10 passerby’s what their thoughts on the AT&T network are and likely you’ll either get spat at or handed a cancellation notice (then spat at). There are rumors Apple will make the iPhone on other networks, but unfortunately that doesn’t automatically include the iPad. So, with the iPad you’re stuck for now, and being stuck is not consumer friendly – it causes hatred… and spitting.

It’s Apple

Why You’ll Hate the iPad Reason #1

Apple is a polarizing company. The iPad is just as polarizing. Combine the two and you’ve got kindling for the longest fan-boy versus anti-Apple flame war this side of a time-honored NCAA rivalry. We’ll disclaim again that we use a lot of Apple products here at Gear Patrol, the thing is we use them for a lot of the tasks they’re built for: producing content, managing the site, editing photos and videos, etc. That doesn’t mean we’re “in the cult” as so many iPad purchasers will likely be badged with. The iPad comes with a scarlet Apple tattooed on its back and that in of itself might be reason to hate it. If that’s your sole reason, then you probably agree that of itself deserves to be the #1 reason why you should hate the iPad.

If not… then wait for tomorrow’s article.

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