Does Not Yell "You've Got Mail!"

8-Bit Hanger


The 8-Bit Hanger is certainly an item that separates a man in control of his decor from one whipped into submission by his throw pillow-obsessed domestic partner. Nothing screams “Welcome to Level One” quite like a coat hanger made to resemble the pointer we have all come to know and love (except for when it turned into a spinning rainbow ball of doom or the dreaded hour-glass) throughout our computer-centric lives. The 8-Bit Hanger is constructed from MDF and acrylic and comes with mounting brackets already installed to make hanging quick and easy. The website does not, however, say that it will enable you to change your wall-paper with a simple right click.

Editor’s Note: If you can’t get living room approval or can’t bear to clash with your carefully considered Crate & Barrel look, the 8-Bit Hanger is more than acceptable to employ in your man cave.

Buy Now: $20

[Via Wired]