Haute Hoodie? Nah, It's Just Right

Bumpy Pitch Hoodie


A few of the major wardrobe staples every man requires: suit, wingtips, crisp white shirt, street shoes, denim, and a hoodie. Problem is most hoodies are too baggy and slouchy to wear anywhere other than the competitive floors or your local club basketball league.

However, shaping and trimming garb styles have made their way to hoodies, and we got our hands on one from favored stylish streetwear brand, Bumpy Pitch. This Los Angeles based company has taken all things soccer (er… football) and put them in a veritable blender along with stylist and tailor to create a smoothie of clothes that nourish your thirst for sport and your need to look good. I digress.

Bumpy Pitch’s latest creation, the BPFC Hoodie, combines a medium weight French terry fabric, with subtle details, a deep (gangsta’ worthy) hood, and great shape to create a well-fitting, super soft and functional piece of clothing. BPFC has already been selling like mad across the ocean in major football markets such as Spain and England. And we all know Europe tends to get the coolest things first (cough… cars… cough).

Buy Now: $78

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