A Great Accessory if Cash Isn't an Issue

Joule iPad Work Stand


Did you convince yourself that part of the reason you should own an iPad is because it could provide you with all the information you’d need access to at your bedside or in the kitchen? If so then coughing up some extra cash for the Joule iPad work stand ($129) might just make your gadget acquisition justification story hold up in front of your doubters.

Made from solid aluminum, this slick-looking accessory is available in both a brilliant polished finish or a black anodized coating depending on your tastes. Unlike other stands out there, its sturdy design provides ample support so it won’t tip over while using the screen. The rear tilt foot is attached via magnets and can also be easily adjusted to find the perfect viewing angle in both landscape and portrait positions. Last but not least, the velvet lined dock recess provides a firm hold on your brand new tablet without scratching its pristine screen bezel or rear casing.

Granted it certainly isn’t cheap, but the Joule is definitely one of the most appealing dock solutions we’ve encountered so far for those hoping to make their latest gadget a more permanent fixture in the home. Please note that the price listed below does not include tax, or the attractive chef in the low-cut shirt shown chopping.

[Via LikeCool]

Buy Now: $129