Built for Summer and The Planet

Simple Flippee Recycled PET Flip-Flop


Europeans may never fully understand it but when the heat of summer arrives state sid, we American’s instinctively reach for our flip-flops. Despite really being nothing more than a sole and thong strap though, it’s been our experience that many guys hold some stubborn views on what kind of flip-flops they’ll allow on their feet. Serious prepsters certainly swear by Rainbows, just as surfing beach bums may live and die by Reefs. Then there are of course the mountains of five dollar pairs sold by mega marts like Old Navy and Walmart, which are an anxiety free solution for those prone to losing sandals thanks to absent-mindedness or a teething pooch. While we’re not implying there’s anything wrong with these options we’d urge all of you to widen your gaze for a moment to include Simple’s Flippees ($30). That’s because they fit somewhere between the standard fare in price and quality, while managing to be far more environmentally conscious.

Specifically the shoe’s straps are comprised of PET webbing made from recycled soda bottles and the foot from inserts come from post consumer recycled paper. Water based glue is also used to hold the shoe together as opposed to petroleum-based adhesives. Finally the sole of each pair is biodegradable and made of recycled and natural rubber which is enhanced with an Eco-Pure additive to promote landfill decomposition. The packaging is biodegradable as well.

Sold in three attractive striped color options, Simple will also replace any fault in these sandals for up to a year after their date of purchase. To top it all off equipping your feet with this pair of environmentally conscious summer kicks will only ding you for $30, which is small price to pay to reduce your consumption’s impact on the earth and future generations.

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Midnight Navy Stripe: $30
| Phantom Stripe: $30 | Coffee Liqueur Stripe: $30