A Thrilling Unwelcome Variation of America

The Army of the Republic by Stuart Archer Cohen

the-army-of-the-republic-stuart-archer-cohen-gear-patrolSet an alternate America, a dark one, The Army of the Republic weaves a scary thought: what if our country found itself run rampant with a corrupt government and greedy businesses controlling its citizens through privatized public resources and a secret security force with limitless control.

Cohen’s enthralling (f not somewhat politically charged) narrative follows Lando, a twenty-something urban guerilla and member of the Army of the Republic, a group that goes from peaceful marches to assassinations, eventually finding themselves the center of a blood-riddled revolution. Evil billionaires, mass demonstrations, corporate armies (yes, like Blackwater), rebellions, and family are weaved into this page-turner that will have you furiously flipping pages.

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