A Shampoo Just for Us

Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men

head-shoulders-hair-endurance-for-men-shampoo-gear-patrolWhile Head & Shoulders has been in the shampoo business for as long as we can remember, we tackled their first “for men” line, Hair Endurance for Men. After all, news like that certainly peaks our interest.

Utilizing a zinc pyrithione formula, Hair Endurance for Men aims to give a man fuller, thicker looking hair while working its magic against dandruff. It goes without saying Head & Shoulders has been a trusted anti-dandruff shampoo, but now the brand has turned their focus to men and we’re glad to see results after a month of use. Thicker, fuller hair in addition to dandruff fighting properties certainly is a good first step and the fact that it’s wallet-friendly price only sweetens the deal.

Buy Now: $6