Making Lugging Gear Look Good

Ralph Lauren Large Varsity Duffle


Ralph Lauren may be a world-famous clothing brand, but its real secret to success lies in promoting a lifestyle. To make the point, this large varsity duffle landed on our radar mostly because we wish we were invited to the kinds of swanky events where slinging this bag around our shoulder would clearly separate us as one of the elite. Or at least that’s how we imagine Ralph conceptualizing the product, and we just don’t see our B.A.D. Bags having the same kind of impact. Available in three ultra preppy color schemes including “natural white”, “newport navy”, and “active orange”, each bag sports calfskin leather accents and a single exterior pocket. Space wise, it’s clearly meant to work as a classy option for touting an extra set of clothes to the gym, tennis court, or a quick one night stay at the in-laws chalet.

Buy Now: $225