Aperion's First Move Into Space Conscious Audio

Aperion SLIMstage30 Soundbar & Subwoofer Bundle


Gear Patrol’s editors have always been fans of Aperion home theater systems mainly because they offer outstanding audio quality relative to their price. Recently the company has made significant strides though to expand their line of products outside of your typical 5.1+ speaker packages. Released today, the Aperion SLIMstage30 sound bar is the Portland Oregon based firm’s first move into providing a space conscious audio system for those looking to improve their TV’s sound without the hassle of wires or buying a receiver.

Selling separately or as part of a package which includes a Bravus 8A Sub, the bar measures 31 inches wide, 3.5 inches high, and 3.66 inches deep, meaning it should fit nicely under most flat screen sets. It weighs 16.5 pounds for easy wall mounting and features four front mounted speakers driven by 140W of power. Decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround is built in as well, meaning a 5.1 system’s effects can be mimicked to some degree without the need for rear placements. However those hoping to listen to uncompressed audio formats without the help of a receiver like DTS Master or TrueHD are out of luck. A front panel 1/8″ mini-jack input for playing an iPod through the speakers however is conveniently included, along with two digital optical, one digital coax, and two RCA inputs in the rear.

Since we haven’t had the opportunity to do an ears on of this product, we’ll refrain from endorsing it just yet. However based on our previous encounters with Aperion’s products, we will say that it definitely has the potential to shake up the current sound bar market. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to review it shortly and provide the final word then.

Buy Now: $600 | Bundle with sub $800