Developed By the U.S. Navy Seals... Enough Said

TRX Suspension Trainer


Working out should be an integral part of your life. Maintaining consistency with your workouts is probably the hardest part for many of you (it certainly is for us). Trips, late nights at the office, meeting up with friends, and being tired all make it incredibly easy to start skipping your workouts. With that in mind, the TRX Suspension Trainer doesn’t want to hear your excuses. It can be quickly set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and allow you to get in a quick, scalable workout.


The TRX Suspension System was developed by the U.S. Navy Seals (like another workout tool we’ve reviewed) and rely’s on “leveraged bodyweight exercise.” What that means to you is regardless of fitness level the TRX can provide you with a challenging total body workout. Packaged in a convenient mesh bag and weighing less than two pounds means there’s no reason for leaving it at home.

After testing the TRX Suspension System, we’ve been impressed by its ability to facilitate a full body workout. As advertised the TRX effectively hit all muscle groups, a promise often made but rarely fulfilled with fitness gear. The TRX adds some real difficulty to exercises like push ups, reverse rows, core, and hamstring curls by challenging seldom used stabilizer muscles. Utilizing interval style workouts had the added benefit of taxing not only muscles, but our cardio.  The TRX will be a definite addition to our luggage on all upcoming trips, and a great supplement to our regular workouts.

Author’s Note: The one area I found the TRX to lack was in its explanation of more dynamic exercises. The basic workouts and exercises provided in the DVD and booklet were good and effective, but depending on your fitness level could lose their challenge in short order.

Buy Now: $190 (TRX Pro Pack) | $25 (Door Anchor)