Redefining "Bimmer" (BMW + Mower)

BMW Designworks Snapper NXT Riding Mower

April 16, 2010 Home By


BMW Designworks and Snapper. Not a collaboration we would have expected, but most certainly welcome now that we’ve laid eyes on the new Snapper NXT riding mower. Designed by BMW Group Designworks USA and Snapper, the new NXT ($2,599-$2,999) manages to combine functionality and ruggedness you would expect in an advanced riding mower in addition to being equipped with unique car-like features we’re pretty certain will tickle the fancies of many mowing mavens.

One touch push button start, a car-like digital instrument console, electronically controlled cutting deck height, 3 blade computer modeled cutting/mulching/dispersing deck in two sizes, LED headlights, vibration absorbing polyurethane mesh suspension seat, drink-holder, cell phone charger, and hood-top air flow. The Snapper NXT is powered by a fuel-efficient Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine in (23 hp or 27 hp) and available with a 46″ or 52″ cutting deck.

Buy Now: 23 hp/46″ ($2,599) | 27 hp/52” ($2,999)

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