Carbonation Goodness At The Push Of A Button

Sodastream Genesis


It’s simple really: bubbles, water and sweetener. Why can’t soda (aka “pop”) be created at home? Well, the days of solely purchasing your favorite carbonated beverages at the local store are over. Soda can literally be created, cheaply, at the push of a button with a Sodastream Genesis ($100).

In the opinion of this author, the Sodastream Genesis is a truly genius product. The machine has very few moving parts and requires no electricity. A CO2 bottle sits inside the body of the machine and a 1 liter, high quality reusable bottle is fixed to a nozzle. Three quick pumps (a proper pump is followed by a loud buzz from the machine) and you have the perfect carbonated beverage. Where you go from here is up to you: if sparkling water is your drink of choice, grab a highball glass and some rocks and refreshment has been achieved.  If cola, ginger ale, or root beer are more your fancy, a cap full of syrup is all that is needed. We experimented with a variety of flavors and found that the cran-raspberry was surprisingly refreshing. A splash of rum, a few maraschino cherries, ice, and some cran-raspberry soda made for an excellent cocktail.

The Sodastream is fun and easy, and will really spice up the bar at your next party.  If you are a diehard soda fan, looking to save some money, attempting a “greener” lifestyle, or a connoisseur of fresh carbonated goodness, the soda stream is a must have for you.

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