Wear Your Passions On Your Sleeves

Jan Leslie Boys Toys Cuff links


We’ve featured several cufflink sets in the past on Gear Patrol, but none exhibit nearly as much personality as the Boys Toys collection from Jan Leslie. Not familiar with Jan Leslie? Well she is a Wharton grad and former big eight accounting firm employee who came to the realization that fashion was where her passion really lied. So she abandoned her career path and started this company. Clearly drawing on her years of experience encountering countless staunch men wearing the same drab cufflinks, this collection is composed of many popular activities we men would probably rather be engaged in over work.

Each set is made of 925 sterling silver, and some feature hand painted enamel detailing along with moving parts such as spinning wheels. Particular standout sets in our book are the work/golf decision spinners and flying fishing reel (shown after the jump), but then again that could just be our own summer day dreams shining through in our work. Jan’s attention to detail and charm filled accessories do come at price, but the way we see it, that just makes them even better for buttering up the boss or father-in-law.

Buy Now: $325