Time to Tighten Up Your Golf Swing

Opedix PS Posture Shirt


They’re call “fundamentals” because they’re important. The complexity of the golf swing can baffle even the sharpest minds and often as we strive to improve we forget about the very building blocks a great swing is built upon. Grip, stance and alignment are critical otherwise the rest is just wasted motion. The Opedix PS Posture Shirt helps control shoulder position by employing a cutting edge bi-plane fluoroscopy system. The PS Posture Shirt helps improve strength and mobility of the shoulders while helping to reduce fatigue.

We tested the shirt during our first round of the year and by the back nine Eric and Ben were dragging from lugging their bags and walking the course, however, I found I was able to maintain stability throughout my swing. My shoulders which are generally worn out after 18 holes felt like they had enough gas left for a few more holes which is a nice change from trying to hang on to a decent score.

If golf’s not your bag that’s ok. I took my PS Posture Shirt out with me for a run and really appreciated the added support. You’d be surprised how much energy is wasted with bad form. The PS Posture Shirt has great moisture wicking and is equipped with anti-odor, anti-microbial weaving so you can put yourself through the paces without fear.

Editor’s Note: Wear the shirt around the house or to the range and break it in before you hit the course. Best to get the feel of it before stepping onto the first tee.

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