A Tweak On The Most Famous Style in Sunwear

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

rayban_new_wayfarerRay-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses have achieved more than any sunglasses style the world has ever seen. They have been worn by too many famous people to count, on the streets, films, and magazines. As many potential buyers have discovered though, just because they are immediately recognizable by everyone doesn’t mean they look good on everyone.

If you were less than pleased with how the classics fit on your face, then trying on a pair of the New Wayfarer’s might be worth a shot. Created as a contemporary update to the iconic original, this frame flaunts a softer eye shape which caters to smaller faces, while still being clearly recognizable as part of the Wayfarer family. Sold in classic frame colors as well as so-called “fashion bright” options, try a pair and get ready for summer. Also note that they even offer a polarized version for those in need of glare reduction.

Buy Now: $70-175 (depending on model)