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Casio G’zOne Rock


By Gear Patrol Reader Josh Wood

Is it our imagination or are we overwhelmed with iPhones and the constant bombardment of trendy smartphones? Yes – we know, Steve Jobs has reinvented the wheel and it seems like everyone wants to take it for a spin. The problem is, we can’t really take it for a spin in all our manly adventures. (Not to mention the unspoken issue: do we really want to claim ownership of the same phone as Ivana Trump and millions of other real-life desperate housewives?) We’re men damn it – it’s time our phones started reflecting that.

Thankfully there someone has not forgotten us. The inventor of GP favorite G-shock watches now gives us a phone that would please JR Ewing: The Casio G’zOne Rock.

casio-gzone-rock-gear-patrol-product-shotThis is a military spec phone at its heart. It is designed for repeated drops on hard surfaces and withstand not just a little rain, but total immersion. That’s right, you can go ahead and baptize this sucker. While you’re at it – feel free to leave it on your dashboard this summer while your camping in Death Valley – it’ll take both the heat and the cold (I’ve tried).

The Casio G’zOne Rock will also help you prepare for a bivouac on the side of Half-Dome with its built-in thermometer. If you get lost and your girlfriend’s assisted-GPS can’t get a signal in the woods – tell her ‘who cares’ because the Casio G’zOne is built with a compass. Not to mention a flashlight, pedometer, tide calendar, astronomical calendar, and other adventure seeking essentials. If it sounds like I’m gushing, it’s because I am. The G’zOne is a beast; and while it won’t appeal to soccer moms or fashionistas – there is still an edgy coolness factor. Something along the lines of what the Dark Knight would use.

The clamshell design is a nice throwback to the simple times when a phone was just a phone, and not a pocket movie player in case you get bored when hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Of course it has the standard features: Bluetooth, MP3/media player, push-to-talk, SMS, MMS, a 2 megapixel camera, and even GPS in case you need to lend it to someone who doesn’t know how to use a compass.

Bottom line: The Casio G’zOne is phone for those who don’t care if they can change their voice like T-pain. Rather, Casio has created a phone that’s tough as well, a rock, and that in of itself is smart. Recently, I came across a reviewer that said, when describing its pros and cons, “All your friends will want to drop it in their drinks”. Now that should be a pro for GP readers.

Buy Now: $45 (w/ Verizon contract)

About The Author: I’ve called Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area my home for the last ten years. I’m only 35 but thanks to my location it’s been easy to be involved in all kinds of activities. For example, I was able to take up rock climbing by befriending a long-time local pro, responsible for naming about half the routes around Donner. I’ve had many similar experiences with cycling, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. I have degree from SUNY in Economics and work as a consultant handling projects for ING and some insurance companies. Some day my golf game will improve thanks to Gear Patrol.