Rethinking Traditional Design for the Better

Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt


Outlier boldly states on their site that the Pivot Sleeve Shirt ($144) is “quite simply a better men’s dress shirt”, and based on their design we definitely think they’re on to something. Known for making attractive but functional clothing for today’s bike commuting professional, this project stemmed from the desire to create a shirt that didn’t stress like a typical button up while leaning forward on a bike.

To accomplish this, Outlier has removed the rear arm seam to create a so-called pivot sleeve, which flows seamlessly into the back of the shirt and creates an extra side panel for movement. This allows wearers to lean forward while riding without tightening the shoulders, pulling up the sleeves, or untucking shirt in the back. Ingeniously, the shirt still keeps the traditional look and feel of a dress shirt, so it looks just as good once the ride is over. It also manages to eliminate the extra side fluff found in normal dress shirts that plagues slimmer men. Another rider friendly detail is the addition of a flap on the front pocket to insure pens, glasses, and other things placed in it don’t fall out while leaning forward to bike. Needless to say, the whole concept goes to show how worthwhile outcomes can arise from questioning the typical design of everyday items from time to time.


On the quality front, every shirt is made from a two-ply Egyptian cotton spun in Italy and Switzerland. The fabric is then sewn together in Newark, New Jersey, and features single needle tailoring, 16 stitches per inch, and cross and locked stitched buttons. Be warned though that these unique shirts come at a premium over your typical department store fare, but if you do bike to work the additional cost may be well worth the added comfort. Shirts are available in colors of Light Blue Oxford, White Pinpoint Oxford, and Grey End on End.

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