Healthy Eating Means Your Dog Too

Proportions Custom Canine Nutrition


Eating healthier is no fad. Whether you’re cutting down on processed foods or looking for more whole or organic ingredients, better nutrition is more important than ever. The problem is, we’ve forgotten about man’s best friend. Your pooch isn’t just a dog, it’s a part of the family and if you want them to be happy and active then they should share your same nutritional mantra. That’s where Proportions comes in. Proportions helps dog owners everywhere get a uniquely tailored eating program just for Fido.


To start things off, owners first must provide some basic information about their dog’s breed, age, activity level, and gender. Proportions also asks for the number of meals and snacks a day your dog is accustomed to eating. From there the web site will determine the best course for achieving your pet’s ideal body mass and create packages that include an entire days worth of calories into bundled, easy to manage portions; because just like you, Spot should be eating a specific caloric goal every day. As a nice touch, Proportions also puts the dog’s name on the packages, just in case you are a multiple pet family. Each proportions plan is a 28 day cycle, with new batches shipped directly to your door.

While the custom program is really cool, it would be easy to overlook the true value of Proportions: the food. What we learned during this process is that kibble, no matter how organic and healthy it claims to be, is essentially highly processed dough that loses a great deal of its nutritional value when its fried. Yuck. It’s then sprayed with a synthetic compound in an attempt to put back the natural vitamins and minerals that were just stripped out. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t subject that to any member of my family, Rover included. So instead, Proportions offers human grade meat protein, dried fruits and vegetables, and sources of healthy fat to pair up with high-grade kibble that they believe in.

As with all products, we enlisted the help of a tester and after several weeks of consumption I can report back that 1-year-old Sophia is loving the program. As a spit fire puppy, energy has never been an issue, but her owner reported back that she’s more eager at mealtime and “devours” her meals, where she used to pick at her bowl.

Need more convincing? How about a Free Trial? Use coupon code GEARNRT and Proportions will waive the processing fee for your trial. Meals run about $1-$3 depending on the size, breed and activity level of your dog. There are no additional shipping costs.


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