Bright, Energy Efficient, and Oozing with Style

z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp


A flexible, bright desk lamp is a must have for any guy who spends time toiling away in a home office. The z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp ($170) has both qualities in spades along with killer modern looks which make it in like Flynn for bachelor pads and man caves. Sporting 6 next generation high powered LEDs with a 4 step dimmer, the lamp delivers bright and broad lighting while sipping a mere 9 watts of power. It’s also capable of working for 40,000 hours until it reaches 70% brightness, meaning you could have it on for 4 1/2 years, all day everyday, and still enjoy the same level of light as the moment you bought it.

As the lead image shows, the unit is also ultra adjustable thanks to the presence of three separate joints, and includes a 9″ base and table clamp option which can accommodate desks up to 1.6″ thick. Available in three different color options of glossy red, silver, and metallic black, buyers have the added option to choose between a warm white light model (similar to an incandescent bulb), or a daylight white temperature model (similar to a fluorescent light).

[via Betterlivingthroughdesign]

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