The Original Board Short

Birdwell Beach Britches


Birdwell Beach Britches have been around since 1961. One of the original “board shorts”, they’re still and have always been made in Santa Clara, CA. They come in numerous incarnations with more than a few styles, lengths, and tons of fabrics. In Birdwell’s words “We don’t make a thousand things, we make one thing a thousand ways.” Any style you choose will be triple stitched, double thick fabric, with a velcro fly and a wax pocket. Birdwell will even make you a custom pair of trunks if off-the-shelf isn’t cool enough. Just a heads-up, their website is super low tech, but the dedication to putting you in a rugged classic pair of trunks is undeniable. Bottom line: if you’re still wearing those crazy long board shorts its time for an upgrade, the lady in your life will appreciate it. Need a pick? Check out Style 301 in International Orange Surfnyl… classic.

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