Bow Chicka Wowow

Table Top Fireplace


It’s safe to say most men have a slight fascination with fire. After all, it is one of the key tools that helped us get out of the caves and onto Facebook. Having a working fireplace in your home however is a luxury today that many don’t have. These 18/10 stainless steel oil lamp logs of course can never fully replace the real thing, but they do offer apartment dwellers and design fans alike at least some comfort. Burning liquid paraffin lamp oil, this striking center piece measures 10″ x 14″ while resting on its slate base and is completely table safe as long as no pyromaniac shenanigans take place over dinner. Perfect for winter next season or your next outdoor night party, think of them as an easy solution for fire light, minus the tending work. Designed Carl Mertens, it’s also certainly Ladies Man approved and should work nicely on the floor next to your leopard skin rug.

Buy Now: $390