Between Netbooks & the Ultra Portable Elite

Acer Ferrari One (FO200-1799)

Co-branding on something like a laptop usually hints at some scheme on the manufacturer’s part to up the price on a base model without adding any value in the specifications department. The Acer Ferrari One, however, is an exception that fits somewhere between a high-powered netbook and a low-powered ultra portable. Weighing 3.3 pounds and measuring about an inch thick, it fits easily into carry on luggage, but won’t wow buyers used to the builds of sexy machines like the Dell Adamo XPS or MacBook Air. Unlike others in this list using the latest Intel Chips, the Ferrari One instead features a Athlon [email protected] dual-core low-voltage CPU which smokes any netbook but still falls far short of more elite ultra portables. On the graphics side, a ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics chip can handle basic needs and even 720p video streaming, but with 1080p it struggles. Conveniently, its touchpad supports multi-touch pinch to zoom actions, and integrated third-generation Dolby Home Theater audio enhancements make it surprisingly good in the audio department. In summary, if you like the Ferrari red look, and are in need of a computer as an on the go companion to a more powerful desktop, the Acer Ferrari One provides reasonably good performance at a reasonable price.