A Good Option for Gamers on the Go

Alienware M11X

Typically, when it comes to computers, gaming power and portability just don’t mix. The Alienware M11X bucks this trend by providing decent gaming performance in a relatively small chassis. Measuring 11.6-inches, its screen size is dangerously close to that of most netbooks, but luckily the M11X packs much more under the hood. Featuring an ultra low-voltage 1.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor matched with switchable Nvidia GeFore GT 335M + Intel GMA 4500HD graphics, up to 8GB of Ram, up to 500GB 7,200 rpm hard drive, and an HDMI out port, it’s got all the specs required to provide travelers with a decent gaming experience. From a style standpoint, its trademark front-facing headlight LEDs, colored logo lights, and colored keyboard/grill make it definitely distinctive, but may not appeal to everyone. Sizewise, the M11X weighs 4.5 pounds and measures 1.3 inches thick, making it also bigger than many of the other sleeker, more expensive options in this buyers guide. It does however blow away even the Sony Vaio Z in terms of gaming performance. The battery life happens to top out at around 3.5 hours, which we’d like to see improved in the future, along with the ability to include an optical drive. Based on the price and overall balance in performance though, the M11X is positioned as a great value for gamers on the move.