A Business Focused Portable Work Horse

Lenovo ThinkPad X201s

Known for reliability among business users, with the ThinkPad X201 Lenovo provides an outstanding mix of battery life and performance which makes it perfect for road warriors with ample budgets. While it may not have nearly as much curb appeal from an exterior design standpoint compared to the competition, the ThinkPad X201s is built for strength. Its design passes 8 rugged military spec techs thanks to a tough magnesium chassis, rigorous hard drive shock protection measures, and a distinctive “roll cage” which firmly secures internals. A biometric finger print reader is also available as an optional security upgrade. This durability, however, does make it slightly on the heavier side, weighing in a 3.4lbs. Its enormous extended battery doesn’t help this cause. Staying in line with its previous business portables, the ThinkPad X201 has a 12.1-inch, a 16:10 wide screen display with an upped resolution of 1,440-by-900. Unlike competing models, users also have the option to navigate using either an integrated multi-touch supporting track pad or Lenovo’s traditional pointing stick. The computer’s real claim to fame is easily its battery life though, which provides an insane maximum of 12 and a half hours of power (which rounds down to about 8 hours of normal use). Its Intel Core i7 processor is also faster than the standard Sony Z series (not the incredibly expensive Z Signature series though) and gives it ample power to run just about anything with ease. Support for 4G WiMAX is also included, along with the usual host of wireless connection options, giving users access to the fastest mobile broadband around where available. Overall, the ThinkPad X201 is the ideal machine for those in need of durability, battery, life, and performance, who don’t mind not having certain bells and whistles provided by the competition.