Lighter. Safer. Greener

Essilor Airwear

Buying a new pair of glasses is a tedious task. You spend hours trying to find a frame, more hours finding the proper lenses prescription, then have to live with your decision for the following year(s). Most of us don’t want to deal with the process after selecting the right frame much less pay attention to the quality and size of the lenses themselves. Ironic, considering it’s the one part our vision completely depends on. Enter Essilor Airwear.

Leaning towards the side of hardcore when it comes to eyewear, I’ve been pretty keen on the lenses in my spectacles. It wasn’t too much of a question when the opportunity came up to get hands on with Essilor’s Airwear. If you’re accustomed to wearing standard plastic lenses, the first thing you notice about Airwear is how thin and light they are. Airwear lenses are 30% lighter and 25% thinner than standard plastic lenses, something you can appreciate if you’ve got a prescription that’s bordering legal limits of legal blindness (like our editor, Eric). Airwear is also 12x stronger than your standard plastic lenses, a feature not to be taken lightly (no pun intended) if you’re active or regularly engage in hardcore office Nerf warfare.

Take Note:Don’t forget the AR! Airwear lenses combined with Essilor’s Crizal coating keeps your lenses cleaner, more scratch resistant, and most importantly, reduces glare. Anti-reflective coating is a must on any pair of glasses. Seriously, don’t skimp. Nobody wants to talk to you if you’ve got glare like Kevin.

Airwear also has you protected from nasty UV exposure by blocking 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. Another important feature since millions of people go blind from cataracts annually. 20% of which may be caused or compounded by sun exposure. Oh, did we mention that they’re green too? Airwear is manufactured using 100% recycled water and 100% recyclable packaging. Plus all excess materials produced are used in other industries such as automobiles and writing instruments.

Bottom line is I’ve had the new Airwear lenses for the past month, and it’s nothing less than what I would expect from an industry leader. I’ve been extremely satisfied with the lenses and will continue to ask for them by name for years to come. After all, my eyes certainly aren’t getting better.

Buy Now: Ask your local vision provider Airwear Lenses.

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Huang of H Street Optometry in San Diego, CA.