Meet the Rogue and the Modus

ICON Flashlights

There’s just something about the security of creating light that fascinates us. Either way, we get a chance to review a lot of flashlights here at Gear Patrol. ICON, a company that aims to be as well known for their design schema as their functionality, sent us a couple of their to check out and we decided to shed some light on the brand (pun intended).

The Rogue

With a body construction resembling a metal cage (aluminum actually), the Rogue looks like it could take a pounding.  It can. The Rogue is capable of running on full power (100 lumens) for up to three hours or over 70 hours on low (10 lumens).  That’s pretty amazing considering it’s only powered by a couple of off-the-shelf AA batteries.  Further, it only weights 5.8 ounces and is waterproof up to a meter for 30 minutes.  As for the beam, a durable power-regulated LED maximizes output and run time and will never needs replacing.  The result is a retina-burning light source that you can leave on for an entire football game.

The Modus

Given a fear of a sibling rivalry, ICON gave the Modus all of the benefits of the Rogue, but did so in a more astro-looking package. A rugged polymer body and open architecture effectively dissipates heat and fits securely in your hand.  We’ll leave the design preference up to you, but both flashlights can light up a room like as if it were high noon.

Each model comes in a lower power versions (50 & 6 lumens) powered with only one battery and come in at about two-thirds of their larger counterpart’s size. They’re perfect for travel or the car and we’ve decided to keep a few around our office for the next time Ben blows a fuse with his ever-expanding sound system.

Buy Now: Rogue 1 $34 | Rogue 2 $43 | Modus 1 $27 | Modus 2 $33