Despite the Name, It's Not for Wesley Snipes

Oakley Blade II Unobtainium Strap Edition

One way to measure the success of a movie is if any of its themes, characters, or terms, continue to be referenced by society long after the film’s promotion engine slows to a stand still (Think: “The Dude Abides”). Avatar’s hype machine clearly isn’t done in the wake of Blu-ray and DVD sales, but the fact that Oakley has released a watch which features the film’s not so subtlety named resource “Unobtainium” as a material, hints that Cameron may have created another “I’ll never let go Jack!” much to our dismay.

Called the Blade II UNOBTAINIUM Strap Edition ($550), this Sith approved time piece features high-grade stainless steel that’s impact forged in a 27-step sequence to create a devilishly rugged looking sport watch. The Unobtainium referenced in the materials actually appears to be a newly trademarked Oakley term which technically consists of a supple yet durable hydrocarbon polymer, augmented with a high-strength 3-D internal structure.

Sounds like a load of Beeker speak to us, and not worth a blue man group genocide in our books, but maybe our moral compasses are off. Hit the full specs button to get more details.

Buy Now: $550