Your Summer's Skinny Tie

The Windmill Club Ties

Skinny ties are now a veteran accessory for the style seekers (hell, everybody and their mother are making them) not to mention a staple accessory for guys looking to spruce up an otherwise plain looking shirt. At least that’s what fashion editors at men’s magazines keep telling us. Regardless of whether you’re like the GP crew and split on ties, these “beach life” inspired silk ties from The Windmill Club ($68) did manage to snag our attention, and a few bucks. The Windmill Club’s ties offer more traditional patterns in the skinny-tie shape compared to garish fare we’ve seen from other brands. Not to mention, our soft spot for boutiques focused on creating one thing right. Handmade in New York City from dead stock silk, the six 2.25″ wide models shown in the slideshow after the jump (or appropriately themed video) represent the fledgling companies entire’s line.

Buy Now: $68