The French Door & Sliding Door Mashup

Vufold Sliding and Folding French Doors

Clever design never escapes the eyes of our diligent editors, especially when it pertains to upgrading one’s home base. We can’t say if Vufold is the only company out there promoting this design, but the idea of combining the beauty of proper French Doors with the convenience of their sliding door counterparts definitely has us ready to rip out the yard facing walls of our homes. Yes, for the right price you can have any contractor or designer create a similar custom solution bespoke to your own home needs, but the beauty of Vufold is that their products are comparably robust and sold at off the shelf prices.

Models are available in a variety of finishes, in both indoor facing and outdoor facing forms that range from 4ft to 16ft in width, so there’s enough flexibility in their product line to fit most typical homeowner needs. Despite their mass production though, all of their doors are made of strips of seasoned hardwood and faced with a thick strip of oak or other hardwood as opposed to using cheap veneers. This ensures Vufold can keep their 10 year warranty promise on all door frames and tracking elements as well as a 5 year warranty on their glass.

Buy Now: $2,140-$4887