Blades of Legend

Miura Golf Forged Wedges

To be honest, even though most of us here at Gear Patrol are lifelong golfers, none of us was aware of the sought-after clubmaker Miura. So, when given the opportunity to try out one of the companies wedges, we were obviously keen to swing away. It didn’t take long for us to be so impressed that we had to spread the word to all of golf-crazed brethren out there.

Not only are these clubs magnificently-crafted but the company has great story to tell, as well.

“public record shows well-known tour stars using Miura-designed clubs… have won two Masters, one U.S. Open, one Senior PGA Championship and have earned 25 victories on the Japanese tour”

First off, Miura founder Katsuhiro Miura is often referred to in the Japanese media as having “the hands of God”, in reference to the unparalleled craftsmanship of his forged irons, which he’s been designing for over five decades. That’s a pretty impressive description, if we’ve ever heard one. He still oversees the design and the manufacturing of the Miura products while also directing company’s research and development. It is no coincidence that the company’s manufacturing has been located in Himegi City, Japan for over 50 years. Himeji City is widely known in Japan as being the area in which most of the finest handcrafted, forged steel Samurai swords were made for over 400 years. Naturally, that ability to forge mild steel transcended into producing the finest forged golf clubs (a weapon of a different sort) in the world. The company is still producing its equipment using the same standards – using master craftsman as opposed to computers – which leaves them unable to mass produce these clubs for a global market. That doesn’t mean, however, that Miura clubs are logistically out of reach, as their corporate office is located in Vancouver and has well-appointed dealers located in the US, representing nearly 30 states.

Take NoteExpect to drop at least $1,200 for set of irons or $150 for a wedge, but we recommend that you find a dealer near you and see for yourself.

My first thought when holding Miura’s forged wedge in my hand was “Wow, this is a beautiful club”. I’ve played with most of the common wedges that are sold at your local golf shop and thought I had a favorite. But, after taking this wedge to the range and course, I knew within striking the first few balls that this club was different than anything that I’d previously played. The feel and look of the wedge when standing over the ball gives even an amateur like myself a tremendous amount of confidence. Even the way the ball comes off the club-face seems different. Miura has been a major OEM producer for years but, due to the confidentiality standards in the OEM market, the company is unable to share which tour players use Miura-made irons. Still, we’ve heard that “public record shows well-known tour stars using Miura-designed clubs while under contract to use clubs manufactured by American OEMs have won two Masters, one U.S. Open, one Senior PGA Championship and have earned 25 victories on the Japanese tour.” Pretty impressive for a little-known golf club maker, huh?

Buy Now: $150 (per wedge)