Because Proper Hydration is Key

BogeyPro Covert Cooler

If you’re anything like us, the ever-improving weather that this time of year provides acts like an irresistible magnetic force pulling you away from your desk or other responsibilities to the place you truly belong. We’re talking about the golf course, of course. If that’s the case, we say go with it but be sure to go prepared. To play your best you need to stay well-hydrated, and, where such a choice could spark a fierce debate over the benefits of the latest performance drinks, we know of one beverage that is sure to improve your score experience every time – good old fashioned beer.

However, since courses generally frown on players usurping their profitable beverage revenues, you’ll need to act surreptitiously to provide your own. From that very need, the Covert Cooler was born. Perfect for holding a 6-pack of your preferred brew, the cooler, which is styled after a typical shoe bag, is surely the best golf+beer mashup since the Michelob Golf Ball Can. You can find variations on this cooler all over the web, but we’d recommend checking out BogeyPro for yours, as they’ve got a wealth of golf attire and promotional items on tap. In fact, our resident pro Patrick Tuttle is going to be sporting these to his next tee time.

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