The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World

The Facebook Effect

Love it or hate it, Facebook has become a world wide online phenomenon. Veteran technology reporter David Kirkpatrick wanted to tell the company’s tale like never before, and enlisted the cooperation of Facebook’s key executives in his research. Don’t assume it’s all roses though. In fact what really caught our eye about this book was the excerpts we read in Fortune about the team’s nascent years and rowdy attitude. Zuckerberg apparently walked around with a set of cards that stated “I’m the CEO Bitch”, and we particularly enjoyed the bit about the drunken amusement park company celebration. Then of course there are the ballsy and inspiring stories like Zuckerberg refusing a 15 billion dollar buyout deal from Steve Ballmer. In short if you’re interested in technology and a user of the site, this looks to be a great read about what could become the world’s next Google. Oh and speaking of Facebook, we’ll take this opportunity for some shameless promotion of Gear Patrol’s Facebook Page.

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