Watch This: Image Film Wallpaper Factory

We don’t cover a lot of German wallpaper products here at Gear Patrol, as a matter of fact I can’t think of one, but this film about Hohenberger Wallcoverings makes us think otherwise. You may not necessarily be interested in their wares (as good as they are), but this film, shot by Sebastian Wiegärtner may convince you otherwise, or at least captivate you if just a few minutes this Friday.

Who knew that a narrative free video about a factory’s innerworkings could be so mesmerizing? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’d imagine a video like this could only be that, en masse. Gearheads might find it even more interesting that the entire film is shot on a Canon 7D ($1,799) DSLR, along with a few other pieces of very-attainable camera equipment. Now, about that idea of moving our product photography into the realm of video…

Another Take: The same stylization and filming of small but well-known German town Bamberg in Upper Franconia. Home to 4,100 members of the US Army and their families. Oh, and good beer from what we hear. Posted after the jump.