Tee Off, Jules Vern Style

Adidas Golf | Wear In The World Adventure

Love golf? Love adventure? Hate your job? Well, listen up because this isn’t about Adidas golf gear, it’s about a chance to become Adidas/TaylorMade Golf’s new Social Media Catalyst. But be warned, this won’t come easy. The Adidas Golf Wear in the World Adventure, will put its two finalists through the longest and most rigorous interview ever conceived. No, we’re not talking about boardroom sessions, but rather an adventure around the globe, where they will participate in a head-to-head showdown golf adventure in 9 countries on three continents over 50 days. Oh, and we know… our cubicles seem pretty depressing now too.

We’ve embedded a highlight reel after the jump.

Enter Now | See Job Postings | Ends May 20, Finalists Chosen June 4