King Aurthur Flour Mini Doughnut Maker

Indulge your inner Homer and make one of man’s greatest creations in the comfort of your own kitchen using a King Aurthur Flour Mini Doughnut Maker ($40). The doughnut market is essentially an electric non stick waffle iron retooled to make 6 rings of doughy goodness at a time, without deep frying. Readers South of the Mason Dixon line will lament the elimination of piping hot fry oil, but it’s certainly healthier and whips up a breakfast in less than 4 minutes. Haven’t the faintest idea how to make doughnuts? Then pick up some packs of King Aurthur’s Buttermilk Doughnut Mix. Each bag is good for 4 dozen mini-doughnuts. Enough to last two days – maybe – in the Gear Patrol office.

Editor’s Note: We think $40 is relatively cheap for a machine of such critical manly importance, but there are similar offerings selling for a measly $18.

Buy Now: $40