It's Like Some Kind of Shaving Cream Time Machine...

Portland General Store Tobacco Wet Shave Jelly

By Gear Patrol Reader Amos Kwon

Tired of confusing your shaving cream for a can of Reddi-Whip? Annoyed with the green, gelatinous crust that grows overnight on the lip of said can? Then it’s time to engage the flux capacitor and visit the 1920s with Portland General Store’s Tobacco Wet Shave Jelly ($12).

Not the sort of jelly you’d spread on your breakfast toast, this mildly scented shave jelly softens up a beard and invigorates the skin while waking you up to the cool aroma of citrus and florals, with a manly hint of tobacco to level things out, so that you feel more like Teddy Roosevelt, less like Queen Victoria. To boot, it’s also vegan and organic. Yum. Made in the USA, and sold on the Etsy by a small group of dedicated home-grown individuals who get it; I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their shave beyond what the department store generics can deliver.

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About the Author: Amos is an American-born Korean, who currently resides in Chicago. His experience has run the gamut in his 20 year career that has ranged from the CIA to telecommunications to real estate. The one thread of consistency in his life is his passion for things outside of the office… cars, tobacciana, single malt whiskey, bourbon, gourmet cooking, horology, knives and firearms, books, and whatever other manly stuff you can think of, except for NASCAR.

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