Never Leave Home Without It


iPhone, iPad, and Android users. Your payment system is here and no it’s not a shape. Well, actually it is. Using your device’s 3.5mm headphone jack, you can now accept credit card payments using Square: a small cube-shaped credit card reader that’s free for anyone who signs up for the service. The app is free as well. Like PayPal or most credit card, Square takes a 2.75% fee for each credit card transaction + $0.15 surcharge. Square also helps you calculate cash transactions, email or SMS receipts to payers, calculate sales tax, store frequently sold items, and visualize earned money through a great looking web interface. Can’t think of any uses? Well we’ve got a few that we’ve already tried out: Craigslist transactions, garage sales, group trips… You know, that one person who organizes and pays for everything, but never quite gets it all back (thumbs pointed at self). Well, Square has your (and my) name written all over it.

Video of how Square works embedded after the jump.

Buy Now: iPhone, iPad (Free) | Android (Free: See QR Code)