A Guide to Apartment Improvement

Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

Anyone who doesn’t have a sprawling home of their own keenly understands the impact clever design can have on maximizing space. If you’re running short on ideas though of what to personally do to squeeze the most out of your lair, this book may be your new Bible. Written by Maxwell Gllingham-Ryan whose claim to fame is co-founding the tremendous interior design blog Apartmenttherapy, it’s filled with color photos and tips from real-world space-challenged homes.

Don’t think the only solutions provided revolve around blowing your bank account either. On the contrary, many of Apartment Therapy’s readers manage to create their own box sized wonders on very little dough, and there’s no reason you can’t follow suit. Our readers living in McMansions on the other hand might enjoy this book simply to feel smug about how much bigger their own cribs are. Don’t lie about it, because we know you were thinking it too. Find a preview & purchase link after the jump.

Editor’s Note: You can peep a preview of the pages here.

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