Forget Minesweeper, Go Crater Surveying

Moon Zoo

Just because you don’t have 20/20 vision, a PhD, or 1,000+ logged flying hours doesn’t mean you can’t help NASA or even visit the moon. Virtually, that is. With the launch of Moon Zoo, NASA is turning to the public (crowd-sourcing) to help examine a massive set of new high-resolution moon surface photographs taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. In a panel-like interface, you can participate in everything from logging craters to “Boulder Wars” (no, not Geometry Wars) where you quickly decide which surface image has more boulders. NASA uses crater survey information to get what’s called an “impact bombardment history” which may help scientists determine the risks Earth faces from meteors and space junk. A project of Galaxy Zoo, 250,000+ people have already signed up to aid in the process. Wait a sec, make that 250,001 – we just joined.

Video of Crater Survey tool after the jump.

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