Summer Footwear Isn't Always About Pastels

Keds Champion Chambray Sneakers

Chambray has become the Kudzu of the fabric world, slowly coating every kind of men’s fashion product in its path. The latest victim: classic Champion sneakers by Keds, which are now available in two different chambray options of flint grey and navy. Compared to the solid canvas and jersey versions, the random white threads of the chambray add texture to the shoe and break up a bit of the solid color monotony. We have slight concerns that the feel of this rough, calendared material might not be ideal for your feet, but then again it wouldn’t be the first time footwear has prioritize style over comfort. Put them on with a South Notch Plaid Shirt or L.L. Bean’s Madras Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt and you’ve got the summer casual look in the bag.

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Buy Now: $50 (Navy) | $50 (Grey)