Device Protection with Rugged Panache


You’re probably familiar with products by ZAGG, as ads for their award-winning invisibleSHIELD gadget protection dot the internet landscape (our experience shows them to be as beastly and protective as ZAGG claims them to be). Further worming their way into our hearts, they’ve even crafted their own Media Center & Streamer, which we featured not to long ago. Clearly, they know their gadgets. ZAGG’s latest creation takes the form of device protection that imparts some individuality and style to your otherwise unremarkable hand-held; it’s a thin leather skin that they call, well, LEATHERskins.

Our first observation: installing them on your phone is virtually idiot-proof. Hit the jump for the rest of our take.

Simple in execution, LEATHERskins impart a touch of class to the phones they adorn and are offering black and brown, with some models featuring a subtle design. We found the skins to feel impressively supple considering their necessary thinness, an attribute that comes from their construction out of genuine leather. Like ZAGG’s other skinning products, LEATHERskins are custom cut to fit your device precisely (check) and can be removed without leaving a residue or damaging your phone (double check). It’s work noting that the additional texture provide by the leather can offer a firmer grip your sometimes slick phone, but you should be aware that the skins may impair compatibility with certain docks or mounts, as we experienced with the Motorola-brand Droid mount. A small price to pay, in our opinion. LEATHERskins are available for the iPhone, Motorola Droid, and Palm Pre, with other devices (including the iPad) to come. Check the video below to see a guy from ZAGG hand-modeling these beauties.

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