Expatriated Rum

Dos Maderas PX Rum

Forming a rock solid definition of what actually constitutes something as “rum” has always been tough. While stalwart liquor snobs use this as an excuse to downplay the importance of Jack Sparrow’s preferred libation, one benefit of loose rules is the inspiration of boundary pushing.

Dos Maderas PX proves this point nicely. Most rums mature in used bourbon casks. This blend of Barbados and Guyana follow this process for 5 years, aging in oak in the Caribbean. The rum is then moved to Spain to spend another five years aging in former 20-year-old sherry casks. The result is a rum that features a strong note of cherry and other various complexities normal rum drinkers will notice right away. For most people, this translates into a pleasant drinking experience that may cause you to question ever your favorite bourbons.

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